Our Rates

Studio time is valuable. 

At Downtown Sound, our focus is to facilitate the creative process and deliver a high quality recording for a price that is fair and affordable. As a result, our rates and fees depend very much on the nature of the project, and the approach you wish to take, based on your budget and other factors.

How many instruments and vocalists? How many songs, and what is their duration? Demo, EP or album? Do you prefer live off the floor, or multi-track with overdubs? Tape, or high quality digital? Are we recording only, or do you also want us to mix and master your tunes?

Our preferred method of setting a rate is to discuss your project and agree on an appropriate way to record your songs for best effect. Based on our discussions, we'll strive to estimate the amount of time and potential costs involved, and, if possible, find an "all-inclusive" package rate that fits your goals, and your budget. From that point forward, we focus on the music and production, rather than watch the clock.

In those cases where it is impractical to attempt to estimate the potential time a project may involve, hourly or daily rates may be more appropriate.

Please call or text for more information about our possible rates for your project.